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Namaste & Welcome to BBAS Memorial School. After your wildlife adventure in Bardia National Park, if you feel to stay more or like to do volunteering in school, BBAS always welcomes you. Join with us and teach our students the way you think it makes better our school.


BBAS Memorial School 

Thakurdwara, Bardia


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2 Responses to “Home”
  1. Bernd Zitzer says:

    Namaste! My name is Barni and I found this site via a link from Bardia Jungle Cottage. This is actually my favorite place in Bardia and I know it since 1999. So Premi (the propietor) and all his family are good friends of mine. So now I read that you might need volunteers that could work as teacher. I’ve done this before in a small village near Pokhara (that was in ’95) and hardly any job was that much fun to me. More than that: I felt it my true destiny. So you could get an ambitioned teacher and I could follow my true profession. If you are interested, I’m looking forward to your reply. All the best of success nevertheless

    • Bernd Zitzer says:

      So now it’s fixed, as it seems. I go BBAS Memorial for teaching. Right after the 7. birthday of my daughter, which is on Feb., 9th. So: Thakurdwara, here I come!!!

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