About BBAS


BBAS Memorial School was founded in 2000 to act as a non-profit making, non-political community based school,  education development school. It was set up to provide the education and build up their future with education. This school have been running since last eight years and have provided educational program. It has been dealing with the children whose family cannot finance for their study, or those are landless people, and given free education. So BBAShas been helping these children in terms of their education into the society.

The BBAS is registered in District Education Office, Bardia and is affiliated with social welfare organization in education, Nepal. BBAS has been free educating and providing free school dress, books, pencils, copy from surrounding the village site.

The principal aim of the school has been to provide free education and build up their future with education to those whole parents cannot finance for education, in a eco friendly environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding, with the help of village people, volunteer people and who other helps, till this period the BBAS has been financed by individually an australian citizen Ben Oxenbould.  BBAS have been running successfully till this period by providing education to those children surrounding the villages, but its aim is to expand the free education to other related areas upon getting financially support from various sources.


The primary goal of the BBAS is  to  make  educated  community children, self dependent &  developed through utilisation of local skills, trainging, natioanl and international resources.  A special focus is  given to uplift  the education  and  with the help of this splift the social and economic status of poor and indigenous people through various aid oriented programs.



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