Volunteer in BBAS

Nepali FlagWelcome volunteering in BBAS Memorial School

 The prime aim of BBAS is to educate the children and self dependent and developed through it, through utilization of local skills, national and international resources that could uplift their future, and by organizing other related programs.

To uplift their time, BBAS provides the volunteering opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and some other related programs, all the peoples are welcome to BBAS for volunteering opportunity.

 Volunteering in BBAS is available to individuals, professional, family, students, sponsors and to a group as well.



4 Responses to “Volunteer in BBAS”
  1. Reannon says:


    I volunteered there last summer…and wrote that post encouraging people to volunteer, which I see you’ve included here.

    That’s awesome the school has a website now! Who is running it? Please let me know how I can help! I’m in the process of planning a trip back there in January…

  2. Reannon says:

    By the way, nothing appeared when I tried to click on the information tabs above (Why BBAS, etc.)

  3. We have also volunteered at BBAS and had an amazing time doing so – we highly recommend it to anyone!

    We’ve written a blog post about our experiences here: http://bardiafriend.blogspot.com. Hopefully you find it interesting and helpful, and it also has donation information and a link to all of our photos.

    We miss you and love you, all of our friends in Thakurdwara!


  4. Finally I made it as well. Back to Bardia after 6 years and gave it a try. Now I’ll return spring next year to do it for some more time. Teaching these kids is great fun and an experience extraordinaire. See you again, all you chlildren of Thakurdwara

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