We are established to support those children whose parents could not support them for their study. By considering the need of education, its importance, & challenge, planned to set up an education institution to provide free education that access them to grab the opportunity which proceed those students to select their rhythm of life in future.

It was quiet hard to start this school due to poor finance although we have appropriate planing for it. We were in search for the help to start our school but  couldnt do it, when a visitor BenOxenbould from Australia came to visit Bardia National park, West Nepal and stepped as suggestive person to our plan.

After his trip to Bardia, he planned back to Nepal once again, before he came to Nepal, he asked that he wants to help us, our normal thougts went ask camera, handycam, binocoulrs or other things, finally Bikram (current principal) came that we should establish a school in the village.  After his decision, our message was to Ben, if you really wants to help us, then why not you help to establish a school in our village.  We were worried, if he helps or not, then reply was thats great, if i can help and get education to those childrens.

It was a sign, first steps of effort and hope, when ben came to thakurdwara, thatched hut were established as a school.

We didnt had any land to run the school, was problem. But Premi, (owner of Bardia Jungle Cottage), helped to provide his own land to run a school, Which was so great, like this school is running till now.


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